SEO optimization steps

SEO optimization steps
1. Keyword analysis (also known as keyword positioning) this is the most important part of SEO optimization. Keyword analysis includes: keyword attention analysis, competitor analysis, keyword and website correlation analysis, keyword layout, keyword ranking prediction.
2. Website architecture analysis the website structure conforms to the crawler preferences of search engines, which is conducive to SEO optimization. Website architecture analysis includes: eliminating bad design of website architecture, realizing tree structure, website navigation and link optimization.
3. Website directory and Page Optimization SEO is not only to make the website home page have a good ranking in the search engine, but also to bring traffic to each page of the website.
4. Content publishing and link layout search engines like regular website content updates, so reasonably arranging the website content publishing schedule is one of the important skills of SEO optimization. The link layout organically connects the whole website to let the search engine understand the importance and keywords of each web page. The implementation reference is the keyword layout of the first point. The friendship link battle is also launched at this time.
5. Talk with search engines and submit sites that have not been included to the landing portals of major search engines. See the effect of SEO in the search engine, and know the collection and update of the site through site: your domain name. Know the reverse link of the site through domain: your domain name or link: your domain name. For better dialogue with search engines, it is recommended to use Google Webmaster tools.
6. Establish a website map sitemap make a website map according to your website structure to make your website more friendly to the search engine. So that search engines can access all web pages and columns on the whole site through sitemap.
7. High quality friendship links establishing high-quality friendship links can improve the PR value of the website and the update rate of the website for SEO optimization.
8. Website traffic analysis website traffic analysis not only guides the next SEO strategy from the SEO results, but also has guiding significance for the optimization of website user experience. For traffic analysis tool, it is recommended to use Google traffic analysis.
The above 8 steps are expensive. Don't be proud of more traffic and don't lose heart if you are less. Work hard and learn SEO optimization well, you will succeed.


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